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TS-Nano™ Sealants are engineered and patented nano-based sealants tailored to meet anticipated downhole conditions for leaky wellbores and caverns.

TS-Nano™ Sealants penetrate, flow and seal very thin microcracks (below 30 micrometers) at a wide range of temperatures (10-100oC) where other sealants do not flow. TS-Nano™ Sealants are based on patented technology designed to withstand a high number of pressure and temperature cycles due to its engineered flexibility and strength. TS-Nano™ Sealants are not off-the-shelf products but patented and engineered products that provide sealing solutions to site-specific, complex field problems. TS-Nano™ Sealants are specifically engineered to diminish the Methane emission problem.



TSN- 22

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